In fact, your fate is decided by something unexpected.

Last time, I touched on "New Bowel Textbook".

However, when I was watching YouTube yesterday, I found it surprising.

Have you ever seen a YouTube video of One Saito?
I was casually watching,
Mr. Saito
"He said that even fate is determined by the intestines. 」
It may be a content that can not be believed suddenly,
In medicine and science, we don't actually know about the body.
Did you know there are so many?

Furthermore, it is said that there is an atomic nucleus consisting of neutrons and protons at the center of the atom, and several electrons are motioning around it.

It's almost a small space world, isn't it?
It has become common sense in modern times,


Below is a link to a YouTube video by Issa Saito.
If you are interested, please take a look.

Mr. Saito
"In fact, your fate is decided by something unexpected!" 」